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Concerts in Austin, hellz yes!

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Julie Nolen and Friends at Waterloo Ice House in Soutpark. [09 May 2010|12:14pm]

Come out to see Julie Nolen and Friends at the Waterloo Ice House Tonight 10-2am

Come out and enjoy some music and relax!!! ;) You'll be glad you did


Waterloo Ice House SouthPark
9600 S IH-35 Service Road SB
Suit D 100

10PM-2AM Tonight!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
By bohemianmuse
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Julie Nolen and Friends at Waterloo Ice House in Soutpark. [25 Apr 2010|04:03pm]

A nice way to end the weekend and begin your week!!!

Come out for a relaxing evening of music with
Julie Nolen and friends Tonight Sunday April 25th 9PM-1AM at Waterloo Ice House South Park

9600 South IH-35
Service Road SB Suite
D-100 Austin, Texas 78748


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If you're free on Saturday, so is this show! [19 Mar 2009|01:16am]

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Tonight, First Project H show in Austin EVER! [10 Jan 2009|01:14pm]

Go support Project H as they introduce Austin to a New Era of Rock!

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Mothers Anthem Antones Tonight!!!! [17 Jul 2008|01:28pm]

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Mothers Anthem Tonight at Antone's!!! Antone's 33rd Anniversary, hosted by Do512. com and with our good friends Ember, Nothing More, and The Ars Supernova.


Doors At 8pm!!!

Mothers Anthem-Midnight
Nothing More-10pm
The Ars Supernova-9pm

It's going to rock!!!

Check out Mothers Anthems Music here:

Mother Anthem Official MySpace

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Mothers Anthem at Speakeasy in Austin Tonight [19 Jun 2008|12:38pm]


An evening with Mothers Anthem tonight at Speakeasy!!!

Mothers Anthem-10pm

This will be a first...

412 Congress Ave #D
Austin,Tx 78701

Go take a listen to them at there MySpace:
Mothers Anthem
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Punk Funk from new york [09 Jun 2008|03:11pm]
Hi there Austen we are coming to you pretty soon July 19th is the day we need a show in Austen we are a punk funk band from new york (big big boys fans!) We are called the Genuine Imitations and you can check us out on our myspace


- Dave

O I also do show trades I have a Diy space about an hour north of New York City
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Germany Hip-Hop!! Новое жеское звучание!!! [02 Jun 2008|01:03am]


Приветствую.....короч такая вещь :-)...... пока на торренте (Torrent), потом планируется портал(сайт)... я выкладываю немецкий саунд.... почти все известные немецкие лейблы .....A.G.G.R.O., Ersguterjunge/Bushido, Optik Records, Sekten Muzik, Almassiva / Massiv, Hell Raisa / Streetlife, Amstaff,ILM, Hirntot и др. Немецкий саунд отличается своей жескостью и агрессией, но так же и без Есенин_ов не обошлось, без уличной лирики в нше время никуда! Поэтому какждый найдет там что-то свое ;-) http://torrents.ru/forum/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=1601977 тут список моих раздач. Правда чтоб вам попасть на страницу, прийдется зарегится и качнуть спец прогу ( которую можно будет качнуть на самом сайте)..... Все свежие релизы итд там есть, к примеру альбом Sido- ich und meine maske, Kaisa und Basstard - 666, Automatikk - Jenseits Von Eden уже вчера были там ;-) .... так что все добро пожаловать..... Если будут какие то предложения или пожелания, пишите рассмотрю ;-)

П.с. так же советую заскакивать ко мне в дневник,--->
http://mein-sound.livejournal.com <--- там будет инфа о новых релизах, обновлениях в моей раздаче и новостях!
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Mothers Anthem In Austin, Texas This Saturday [10 May 2008|12:02am]

Mothers Anthem will be performing in Austin tx TOMORROW night Saturday night.....May 10, 2008

11pm - MOMOS -Austin Tx
6th st & West
Above Katz Deli

support- Wartime Social and Nothing More

This is Mothers Anthems hometown and they are excited about getting to play there again. ;)

Go out and check them out. They are amazing.

Bands Myspace:

~~~Maevey xo
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Music and Film Festival [11 Mar 2008|10:38am]

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It has begun. The HUGE music and film festival in Austin known as South by South West (SXSW). If anyone is going, be sure to stop by and check this out:

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.SEABOUND and IRIS are performing LIVE at Elysium on Saturday, March 22nd, 2008. Tickets are on sale now @ Secret Oktober for only $13 cash/$14 credit/pay-pal. Price goes up to $18 @ the door of Elysium.

705 Red River
Austin, TX 78701

Secret Oktober
1905-B South 1st
Austin, TX 78704
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Mothers Anthem In Austin [26 Feb 2008|02:35pm]

Friday February 29, 2008

Come check out this amazing band Mothers Anthem at Antones in Austin


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

For more about Mother's Anthem music and future shows go to their Official My Space Page:
Mother's Anthem
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An Irish Winter Night with the Brock McGuire Band [23 Feb 2008|06:45pm]
Brock McGuire Band
8 PM
Jeff Moore opens.

Cactus Cafe
Texas Union
UT Campus
24th & Guadalupe
Austin, TX

Tickets $12 (plus $1 PayPal fee) online, $15 at the door
Presented by the Celtic Cultural Center

photo of Brock McGuire Band

Residing in County Clare, button accordeonist/melodeonist Paul Brock and fiddler Manus McGuire have been at the forefront of Irish music for many years through their joint work with "Moving Cloud" (which they formed in 1989).

Manus is also a founding member of "Buttons & Bows", and both bands, ranking among Ireland's finest, have helped to introduce international audiences to Irish traditional music.

Paul and Manus are joined in the band by the brilliant Galway musician Enda Scahill, and by accompanist Denis Carey.

Check out their website for detailed bios of the four musicians.

photo of Jeff Moore
One of the most notable Irish musicians living in the Southwest, Jeff Moore has been playing the guitar since the age of seven and has been studying and performing traditional Irish music for the past decade.
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touring band.. help? [24 Dec 2007|09:20am]
hello, my name is sal. im in a band from brooklyn called the governors and we will be going on tour down south in february. we're looking to hit austin on february 6th or 7th and were hoping some of you can lend us some southern hospitality..

suggestions as to where to play?
local bands that want to join us on a bill?

we've got some music up at myspace.com/votethegovernors which is somewhat outdated as we prepare to record our new album, but a general idea as to what we're doing.. kind of a rockin' folk, drunken sing-a-long, country, blues thang with lots of vocal harmonies, stompin and clapping. thanks for your help!

sal, the governor of ny
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Hello [22 Dec 2007|04:05pm]

Is Alex Jones scheduled to make any appearance between now and January 13th? I have a few choice words I'd like to say to his face.
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money for concert pictures! [07 Dec 2007|09:30pm]


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TONITE AT ANTONES! [06 Dec 2007|09:52am]

Playing @ Antone's Tonight!!!
Doors open at 8pm. Come early and party all night!

9:00 - Tity Babies = Awesomer!
10:00 - PEEL = Awesomeley awesome!
11:00 - Underdriven = 3 Awesomes!
12:00 - Saturday's Radar = Ultra Awesome fun!

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Information Society Tickets On Sale Now @ Secret Oktober [03 Dec 2007|05:21pm]


Information Society is playing LIVE @ Elysium on Friday, January 18th. Tickets can be purchased via Secret Oktober's website for
$17 credit/debit/pay-pal, $16 cash(in-store). Secret Oktober WILL NOT MAIL TICKETS. Will Call & Pick-up Only. Physical tickets will be available by Monday. Doors open @ 9:30pm for the show.

705 Red River
Austin, TX 78701
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Slick Rick - The Parish - December 16, 2007 [20 Nov 2007|04:47pm]


Austin Hip-Hop Scene
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New Model Army Tickets on sale now @ Secret Oktober [24 Aug 2007|04:45pm]


Tickets are on sale now @ Secret Oktober for New Model Army & Vale performing LIVE @ Elysium on Friday, September 14th, 2007. Tickets are $13 cash/$14 credit/debit (fees are already included in these prices). Secret Oktober WILL NOT MAIL TICKETS. You must pick up tickets @ Secret Oktober OR you can request WILL CALL for Elysium. All tickets not picked up by 8pm on the night of the show will automatically be delivered to Elysium, and will be available after 9:30pm. Doors @ Elysium open @ 9:30pm. This is a 21+ show.

Secret Oktober
1905-B South 1st
Austin, TX 78704

705 Red River
Austin, TX 78701
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